Motion Studio Asia (MY) is nestled in the vibrant heart of Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley Megamall. The studio offers a sanctuary for art jamming activities that go beyond mere artistic expression, igniting your inner creativity and nurturing your mental well-being in the process. If you are looking for a unique art jamming activity, this is the place.

Motion Studio Asia is the perfect destination for individuals of all ages and skill levels who are looking to express their creativity through art. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, our studio offers a welcoming and supportive environment that is designed to inspire and encourage you to create.

Science Meet art jamming!

Create beautiful art to take home with Newton’s law of motion. No art background is required! All it takes is a small push for gravity and inertia to do its work.

Perfect activity for Family, dates or friends

Fun and safe art jamming activity with your family, date or friends. We have great music and atmosphere to let your hair down!

Our Packages

All packages comes with canvases and paints. Add-ons available!

Raya Promo

Start from RM92.00

Limited Time Offer, valid from 1st – 15th April 2024. Book any available slots within the promo period to enjoy 15% discount.

Slime-tastic Creation

Start from RM59.00

Explore the slimy world with our Slime-Tastic Creation experience! Craft gooey masterpieces, blend colors creatively, and experiment with unique textures

BearBrick Painting
Focus & Concentration

Start from RM69.00

BearBrick painting session not only offers a creative outlet but also improves focus and attention span. As individuals paint these iconic figurines, they concentrate on intricate details and color combinations, sharpening their attention. This enhanced focus carries over to other aspects of life, fostering mindfulness and clarity. By immersing oneself in this art form, participants experience improved concentration and a heightened ability to stay present.

Motion Painting
Creativity & Imagination

Start from RM109.00

Motion painting is a transformative experience that nurtures creativity and ignites imagination. This unique form of artistic expression liberates participants from the confines of right and wrong, allowing them to explore boundless possibilities. Through fluid movements and vibrant colors, motion painting encourages individuals to tap into their inner artistic instincts and embrace the freedom to create without limitations.

Splat Painting
Emotional Release

Start from RM109.00

Splat paint, available at our studio, offers a therapeutic release for emotional stress while creating beautiful artwork. Through bold splatters and vibrant colors, participants express deep feelings on the canvas. By embracing the process, individuals find solace, relief, and powerful self-expression. Splat painting transforms raw emotions into captivating art, merging emotional healing with the creation of something visually stunning.

3 in 1 Package
Focus, Creativity & Emotional Experience

Start from RM249.00

Embark on an artistic journey like no other at our studio, where you can choose from our diverse range of sessions, including Bear Brick Painting, Motion Painting, and Splat Paint. These experiences offer a multitude of benefits, nurturing creativity, enhancing focus and attention, unleashing imagination, and providing a therapeutic release for emotional stress.

Neon Night

Start from RM109.00

Experience motion, splat and bear brick with neon non-toxic paint along with our curated music for a 10-star experience.

Gift Card

Start from RM69.00

Preserve the extraordinary moments of your life through the enchantment of a one-of-a-kind motion painting! Secure your booking now and embark on the journey of creating a timeless memory at Motion Studio Asia (MY).

Get a point for every jam booked and redeem it for free art jam
Every adult activity can earn 10 points
Every kids activity can earn 5 points
Every 3:1 activity can earn 30 points

Host your event with us!

Motion Studio Asia (MY) offer a unique experience for birthday parties, team bonding or other corporate activities. For personalized private packages tailored to your specific needs, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Discover the Buzz and Excitement Surrounding Our Studio

Our Motion Studio business as it has garnered attention from numerous media outlets, captivating audiences with its innovative approach to artistic expression.

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How to Get Started

Motion Studio Asia offer a variety of fun and creative way to unleash your inner artist and create a unique masterpiece to take home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you can expect when you book an art jamming session

Book a session online

Choose a date and time that works for you and book your art jamming session online. You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details you need to know.


Attend short briefing

When you arrive at the studio, you’ll attend a short briefing where you’ll learn about the different types of art tools and techniques you can use to create your masterpiece. Our friendly and experienced staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Select your art tools

Once you’ve had your briefing, you’ll get to choose the art tools and materials you want to work with. We provide a wide range of tools, including paint brushes, spatulas, bottles, and more, so you can experiment with different techniques and styles.


Make your art

With your tools in hand, it’s time to start creating! You’ll have plenty of time to experiment and play around with different colors and textures, and our staff will be on hand to offer guidance and advice if you need it.


Collect your masterpiece

Once you’re finished, you’ll need to wait for your art to dry. This can take up to 48 hours, depending on the type of paint you’ve used. When your masterpiece is ready, you can either collect it from the studio or arrange for it to be delivered to you.


Create timeless memory and experience a unique experience at Motion Studio Asia (MY) today!

Frequently Asked Question

Included in the package, we provide protective gear, an extensive range of paint selections, and an array of tools, enabling you to craft your own distinctive artwork with ease and confidence.

The paint we provide is completely safe for children, as it is washable and non-toxic. At Motion Studio Asia (MY), we have carefully formulated a blend of ingredients to ensure that our paint is perfectly suited for motion, pendulum, and splat art techniques.

If you wish to reschedule your session, kindly inform us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled slot. Please be aware that while we accommodate rescheduling requests, refunds and cancellations are not permitted for bookings.

Typically, the drying process of your painting will require approximately 24-48 hours. Upon concluding your session, our attentive staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient date and time for the collection of your artwork.

At Motion Studio Asia (MY), artistic expression knows no bounds. Regardless of age or prior art experience, everyone is welcome to unleash their inner artist. Our diverse clientele ranges from as young as 2 years old to our

Bearbrick painting entails the creative process of customizing Bearbrick toys by employing artistic methods like painting, airbrushing, and incorporating intricate embellishments. This artistic avenue empowers artists to imbue these toys with distinctive designs, colors, and patterns, thereby transforming them into unparalleled masterpieces. This form of artistic expression has gained popularity among collectors and artists who appreciate the world of designer toys.

Motion art painting, alternatively known as motion painting or kinetic art, represents an abstract art form that integrates movement and the illusion of motion into the creative process. This distinctive style often incorporates mechanical or electronic devices to animate the paint across the canvas, resulting in dynamic and unpredictable patterns and designs.

Splat painting is an abstract art form centered around dripping or splattering paint onto a surface, commonly a canvas or paper, to produce a one-of-a-kind and frequently chaotic design. The technique offers various approaches, including throwing or flicking paint onto the surface or utilizing tools like brushes or sponges to generate splatters and drips.

Splat painting has become a favorite of many artists for crafting unconventional expressive pieces. The unpredictability of the splatter patterns, combined with the use of bold, vibrant colors, results in visually striking and dynamic artworks that convey a profound sense of energy and motion.

Back in 2021, the visionary founder of Motion Studio Asia (MY) envisioned a groundbreaking concept to bring the spin and pendulum technique to the forefront of Singapore’s commercial art scene, opening its doors to the general public. As a company, our mission is rooted in the desire to unleash and nurture the creative potential of individuals by harnessing the powerful medium of art.

While our experienced staff will be available to provide guidance, we highly encourage you to embrace the spirit of exploration and self-discovery. Take the opportunity to make mistakes, experiment with an array of colors and tools at your disposal. Above all, immerse yourself in the joyous experience and relish every moment spent at My Motion Studio.

A painting varnish serves as a transparent and safeguarding layer applied to a finished artwork, shielding it against external elements like dirt, dust and moisture. Furthermore, varnish can augment the colors and enrich the depth of a painting, offering a glossy or matte finish based on the desired outcome. The varnishing process plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of a painting, ensuring its enduring vibrancy and safeguarding for years to come.

Motion Studio Asia (MY) provides a diverse selection of creative offerings, encompassing motion painting, splat painting, and bear brick painting services.

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